Panels for Sunbeam Rapier, Hillman Minx, and Singer Gazelle cars

We are the manufacturer of Sunbeam Rapier panels, Hillman minx panels, and Singer Gazelle panels.

Front floor panels 

These are front floor panels sold LH and RH. 

£195.00 each 


We are now suppling sills for these cars that are the right curved profile to match originals down the side of the car. 

£100.00 each

Front wing lower rear repair panel

This is the repair panel for the bottom of the front wing in front the front door. The panels are sided. 

£95.00 each 

Front wing bonnet aperture repair panel  

These are the repair panels for the edge of the with where they meet the bonnet. This is a common place were the rot. These are sided panels. 

£65.00 each 

Front wing rear repair panel

Our latest and best photos

£105.00 each 

Battery tray

This is a replacement battery tray 


The bucks that we have to make front wing repair panels. 

We can panels any size or in any place of these, so if they need a repair panel in an unusual place contact us and we can make it for them. 

We are currently having more bucks made to make increase the panels we can make. 

How to order panels 

To order panels either call us or email us.

Jason - 07780 815264
Michael - 07833 388187

Email : [email protected]

Prices aren't subject to VAT and don't include postage.
Prices may change without prior notice.