Jacobs Midget Replica 

A replica of a 60s race car part built by us at our last employer and come to us to have the last of the modifications to be done and then painted. 

MG Midget 

A MG Midget  that we have in to be welded up and then painted. It has has the floors fitted and new chassis legs so far. 

Austin Healey Sprite 

An Austin Healey Sprite that we have in for welding, paint and a run through mechanically.  

Triumph Spitfire 

A Triumph Spitfire that we had to be welded up and repainted. It needed a very small amount of welding and had never been welded before. It had a front floor on the drivers sides and some small repairs over the rest of the body. the customer had bare metaled the car. We then primed and painted the whole car insides and out in the original colour magenta. 


An MG B GT that we have had in for welding and paint. We have welded complete new sills, and bottom of front and rear wings, then painted the lower 1/2 of the car and the complete front wings. 


An MG TC that we has in to have the last of the metal work done and to be bare metal painted, the main tub has now gone back to the customer and we help them fit it to the chassis. Just to paint the last of the panels. 

Triumph TR4

Some photos of a Triumph TR4 in Signal Red

This car came in for a bare metal repaint and do welding repairs